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Who Has It Easier Men Or Women? Episode 127

Niall Boylan | December 14, 2023
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    Who Has It Easier Men Or Women? Episode 127
    Niall Boylan

In this engaging episode, Niall tackles the age-old debate: “Who Has It Easier: Men or Women?” Drawing on recent research and societal perceptions, Niall explores various aspects of life, from the workplace to the home, to shed light on the challenges and privileges experienced by both genders.

The episode kicks off with a discussion of the BIGI scores, a measure used by researchers to assess the relative disadvantages of men and women in 134 nations. Surprisingly, the findings reveal a nuanced global picture where men are disadvantaged in 91 countries, while women face relative disadvantages in 43 countries.

Niall delves into workplace dynamics, dissecting the common narratives around gender discrimination and sexism. He challenges preconceptions about the gender pay gap, emphasizing the importance of individual choices in career paths and working hours.

The conversation shifts to the home, where perceptions of domestic responsibilities are explored. Niall questions whether the claim that women do more household work is by choice or societal pressure, sparking a dialogue on evolving gender roles.

As Niall opens up the lines, callers express diverse opinions. Some argue that women’s perceived advantages in emotional connectivity and societal support provide them with an edge, while others emphasize the challenges faced by men in hazardous jobs, higher rates of suicide, and societal expectations around masculinity.

The episode concludes with Niall summarizing the various perspectives, leaving listeners with food for thought on the complexities of gender dynamics in contemporary society.

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