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We’re Getting A Pay Rise Episode 148

Niall Boylan | January 30, 2024
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    We’re Getting A Pay Rise Episode 148
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall dives into a timely debate: Should the private sector be obligated to match the pay increases given to public servants? The proposed pay deal for TDs (Teachta Dála) in Ireland, with an annual rise to around €120,000, sets the stage for a broader discussion on the implications for the private sector.

Breaking down the proposed pay deal for public servants, Niall shares details of the €3.6bn agreement, resulting in a total increase of 10.25% for the country’s 385,000 public servants over a two-and-a-half-year period. The discussion explores the potential ripple effects on the job market, economic balance, and overall workforce satisfaction.

Niall opens the phone lines, inviting diverse perspectives on whether the private sector should be compelled to offer similar pay raises. Callers weigh in on the concerns of creating disparities, the impact on small businesses, and the practicality of imposing such regulations.

Listeners get to hear passionate arguments on both sides of the issue. Some argue that setting a precedent for substantial pay increases in the public sector without a parallel effort in the private sector could lead to imbalances and economic disparities. Others emphasize the challenges faced by small businesses, highlighting the potential negative consequences of imposing such regulations on all sectors.

As the debate unfolds, Niall wraps up the episode, leaving listeners with valuable insights and considerations on the broader implications of the proposed pay deal for public servants and its potential impact on the private sector.


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