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The Fall Of Minneapolis With Liz Collin

Niall Boylan | February 4, 2024
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    The Fall Of Minneapolis With Liz Collin
    Niall Boylan

In this illuminating interview, Niall engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Liz Collins, the accomplished investigative journalist, author, and producer behind the controversial documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis.” As the wife of Bob Kroll, the former president of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation, Collins found herself uniquely positioned at the epicenter of the transformative events following George Floyd’s tragic death.

Throughout the interview, Collins provides insights into her extensive career, spanning over two decades, marked by Emmy awards and impactful reporting at WCCO-TV. Her journey takes a new turn in 2022 as she joins Alpha News, a conservative Minnesota news site, showcasing her versatility across different journalistic mediums.

“The Fall of Minneapolis” delves into the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, challenging prevailing narratives and offering an alternative perspective. Collins discusses the complexities of presenting a controversial viewpoint, attributing some responsibility for Floyd’s death to Floyd himself, and expressing skepticism about the legitimacy of Derek Chauvin’s trial. The controversy surrounding her departure from WCCO-TV, fueled by community protests and demands for her resignation, adds another layer to the narrative.

Listeners gain a deeper understanding of Collins’ unique perspective shaped by her marriage to Bob Kroll, exploring the intricacies of the George Floyd case, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the broader impact on Minneapolis. The interview navigates through the criticism directed at Collins, addressing perceived conflicts of interest and her commitment to journalistic integrity.

As “The Fall of Minneapolis” remains available on platforms like and Rumble, Liz Collins emerges as a significant figure in the ongoing dialogue about justice, accountability, and the societal impact of transformative events. The interview offers a nuanced exploration of the complexities surrounding Minneapolis and invites listeners to engage in critical conversations about the narratives that shape our understanding of justice in America.

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    Tent City Deja Vu Episode 231
    Niall Boylan

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