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Has The Government Lost Control Of Immigration? Episode 216

Niall Boylan | April 29, 2024
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    Has The Government Lost Control Of Immigration? Episode 216
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall looks into Helen McEntee’s proposed immigration legislation and discusses the alarming 50% drop in Irish staycations. The burning question of the day: Has the government lost control?

Some callers are not convinced that Helen McEntee’s proposed immigration legislation is the right approach. Instead of focusing on stricter enforcement, we should be looking for ways to improve our immigration system and make it more efficient and effective. This means investing in resources and infrastructure to process applications more quickly and fairly. We should also be exploring ways to integrate immigrants into our society and economy, rather than just keeping them out.

Callers also believe the 50% drop in Irish staycations is a clear sign that the government needs to take action. People are clearly choosing to holiday abroad instead of staying in Ireland, and that’s a problem. We need to make sure that our tourism industry is competitive and attractive to both domestic and international visitors. This means investing in infrastructure, promoting local attractions, and ensuring that prices are reasonable. The government needs to step up and support the tourism sector before it’s too late.

Niall wraps up the discussion, urging the government to address these pressing issues and regain control.

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