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EU Migration Pact: Is Sovereignty An Outdated Concept? Episode 232

Niall Boylan | June 17, 2024
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    EU Migration Pact: Is Sovereignty An Outdated Concept? Episode 232
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall is asking, “EU Migration Pact: Is Sovereignty An Outdated Concept?”

The Government is set to opt into the EU Migration Pact, aiming to streamline asylum processes across member states with legally binding processing times and efficient returns of unsuccessful applicants. This will involve processing applications within three to six months, fingerprinting and photographing applicants, and establishing designated accommodation centers. The pact also includes a mandatory “border procedure” for specific cohorts, requiring significant increases in staff and resources.

Some argue that Ireland could implement these measures under its own laws, while others believe the pact will enforce necessary improvements. Niall explores whether sovereignty is an outdated concept in today’s interconnected world, considering the immense benefits Ireland has gained from EU membership, such as economic growth, job opportunities, and a stronger global presence.

Some callers think our sovereignty is an outdated concept in the modern world. Being part of the EU has brought immense benefits to Ireland. We’ve seen significant economic growth, improved job opportunities, and better standards of living. The EU’s single market and support have stabilized our economy, making it more competitive globally. Moreover, being part of a larger entity like the EU offers us protection and a stronger voice on the international stage. In today’s interconnected world, pooling sovereignty for mutual benefits is the way forward.

While other callers feel maintaining our sovereignty is crucial. While the EU has provided economic benefits, it also means we have to comply with decisions that might not always align with our national interests. For instance, the new migration pact imposes rules that we could address through our own laws. Being forced to follow EU mandates can sometimes undermine our ability to govern independently and address our unique challenges effectively. Sovereignty ensures that we retain control over our policies and national identity.

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