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Are We Losing Our Irish Identity? Episode 241

Niall Boylan | July 2, 2024
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    Are We Losing Our Irish Identity? Episode 241
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall is asking: Are we losing our Irishness or identity, or is that just old-fashioned people like me who won’t accept the world is now a global village? The topic is based on a tweet from David Quinn: “The State is about to ditch the aim of ‘fostering a sense of Irish identity’ from the primary school curriculum, which prompts the question; if Ireland won’t foster a sense of Irishness, then who will?”

Some callers believe that Irish identity is evolving, not disappearing. They argue that Ireland has always embraced change and diversity, and that our culture, music, and traditions are still very much alive. They see the incorporation of new influences as enriching, rather than diminishing, our unique heritage.

Other callers feel that we are losing our sense of Irishness. They express concern that globalization and changes in the education system are moving us away from our unique identity. They worry that without actively teaching our children about their heritage, our culture and traditions will fade away.

Niall wraps up the discussion by summarizing the diverse viewpoints, reflecting on the balance between embracing global influences and preserving Irish heritage.

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