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Welfare: A Better Deal than Working Episode 242

Niall Boylan | July 3, 2024
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    Welfare: A Better Deal than Working Episode 242
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall is asking: Is it time to get tough on people on welfare payments who are not trying to get a job? The topic arises from an analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) of the Oireachtas, which found that people not in the workforce are seeing their real incomes increase more than employees, with public servants seeing just a 0.5% increase in real incomes for 2023/24.

Some callers think it’s time to get tougher on people on welfare who are not making any effort to find work. They argue that the system is meant to be a safety net, not a lifestyle choice. They believe there should be stricter requirements and more accountability to ensure that those who can work are actively seeking employment. They suggest mandatory job training programs and regular check-ins, with reduced or stopped benefits for those not making an effort.

Other callers feel it’s important to remember that living on welfare is not easy, and many people on welfare face significant barriers to employment, such as health issues, lack of childcare, or limited job opportunities. They believe that instead of getting tougher, the focus should be on providing better support and resources to help people overcome these obstacles. They argue that improving access to education, training, and mental health services would be a more compassionate and effective approach.

Niall wraps up the discussion by summarizing the diverse viewpoints, reflecting on the balance between encouraging employment and supporting those in need.

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