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Under The Tree, Under The Sea. Episode 114

Niall Boylan | November 23, 2023
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    Under The Tree, Under The Sea. Episode 114
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall addresses a unique dilemma brought to his attention by a listener: Would you buy your son girls’ toys for Christmas? The listener shares her personal struggle as her son expresses a keen interest in traditionally feminine toys, including a toy kitchen and a mermaid costume.

The listener’s husband is resistant to the idea and insists on a different Christmas list, excluding items he deems unsuitable. The listener grapples with the conflict between supporting her son’s individuality and adhering to traditional gender norms. Niall opens up the lines to callers, sparking a diverse range of opinions.

Some callers argue in favor of adhering to traditional gender roles, expressing concerns about potential confusion for the child and the challenges they might face socially. They highlight the importance of societal norms and the potential for teasing or exclusion.

On the other hand, other callers advocate for embracing a more open-minded approach. They argue that buying gender-neutral or traditionally “girls’ toys” fosters inclusivity and allows children to explore their interests without rigid gender boundaries.

Niall navigates the discussion, acknowledging the complexities of the situation and the various perspectives on breaking or adhering to gender stereotypes. As the callers share their insights, the episode delves into the broader societal conversations around gender norms and individual expression.

In the wrap-up, Niall reflects on the diverse opinions shared, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting individual choices in the context of evolving societal norms.

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