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Pregnant Person Or pregnant Woman? Episode 89

Niall Boylan | October 9, 2023
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    Pregnant Person Or pregnant Woman? Episode 89
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall delves into a contentious and globally debated topic: the use of gender-neutral language in healthcare, particularly when it comes to pregnancy. The heart of this conversation revolves around whether the term “pregnant person” should replace “pregnant woman” in medical discourse.

The catalyst for this discussion is recent news regarding the NHS’s stance on gender-neutral language. Health Secretary Steve Barclay has made headlines by pledging to bring back what he terms “common sense” to the NHS, emphasizing the importance of precise language in healthcare settings. Phrases such as “chestfeeding” and “pregnant people” have become emblematic of this linguistic shift and have raised concerns about the potential erasure of biologically rooted terminology.

Niall opens the lines to callers, inviting a diverse array of opinions on this sensitive issue. Some callers firmly advocate for the use of gender-neutral language in healthcare, asserting that it promotes inclusivity and respect for transgender individuals. They argue that the medical field should prioritize providing the best care for everyone, regardless of gender identity, and that adapting language is a crucial step in achieving this goal.

Conversely, many callers express concerns about altering established language that accurately describes biological realities. They argue that the term “pregnant woman” reflects the scientific fact of pregnancy. While they acknowledge the importance of inclusivity, they believe that changing long-standing language for the sake of political correctness risks distorting scientific truths and muddling essential medical information.

Join the conversation as we navigate the intricate intersection of language, inclusivity, and biological accuracy in healthcare. This episode provides an in-depth exploration of the complexities surrounding gender-neutral language, offering a platform for listeners to engage with this crucial and evolving issue.

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