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Has The Arse Fallen Out Of The E.V Market? Episode 179

Niall Boylan | March 7, 2024
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    Has The Arse Fallen Out Of The E.V Market? Episode 179
    Niall Boylan

In this episode, Niall explores the current state of the electric vehicle (EV) market and whether the initial excitement surrounding EVs has diminished over time. The discussion is sparked by recent data indicating significant depreciation in the value of electric vehicles compared to traditional petrol cars.

Referencing insights from, Niall delves into the reasons behind the depreciation of EVs, including market adjustments, initial purchase prices, and concerns about battery longevity and replacement costs. The data reveals alarming figures, with certain EV models experiencing depreciation rates as high as 67% within a short timeframe.

Joining the conversation is Nadia Adan, founder of Ashford Motors and a prominent figure on TikTok, who sheds light on the challenges faced by dealerships in the EV market, such as reluctance to accept EVs as trade-ins due to their depreciating value.

As Niall opens the phone lines to listeners, opinions vary on whether individuals would still consider purchasing an electric vehicle given the reported depreciation. Some callers emphasize the environmental benefits of EVs and their potential to contribute to sustainable transportation solutions. Others express reservations, citing concerns about long-term affordability and reliability.

In conclusion, Niall summarizes the discussion, recognizing the multifaceted nature of the EV market and urging listeners to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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