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From Conviction to Conquest With Lewis Raymond Taylor

Niall Boylan | February 4, 2024
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    From Conviction to Conquest With Lewis Raymond Taylor
    Niall Boylan

In this riveting interview, Niall delves into the remarkable story of Lewis Raymond Taylor, a man who transitioned from a troubled past, marked by criminal activities and incarceration, to becoming a successful entrepreneur with an 8-figure coaching empire.

Lewis Raymond Taylor’s journey begins in Hertfordshire, near London, where a tumultuous upbringing, characterized by an emotionally distant mother and an abusive father, set the stage for a challenging adolescence. Seeking attention, Taylor’s path led him down a destructive spiral of criminal activities and drug use. At the age of 18, a series of offenses culminated in a youth prison sentence, a pivotal moment that failed to deter him from a life of crime.

The turning point came in his mid-20s, amidst battles with mental health, bereavement, and a suicide attempt. A violent altercation resulting in an 18-month prison sentence became the catalyst for change. Within the confines of prison, Taylor underwent a profound transformation. Confronted with the stark reality of his life, he embraced the need for change, recognizing the destructive patterns that had defined him for years.

One key moment during his incarceration involved a comparison of two images of himself, seven years apart, revealing a life marred by the same destructive behaviors. This realization became the impetus for Taylor to take responsibility for his actions and forge a new identity.

In prison, he actively pursued rehabilitation through workshops and educational programs, laying the foundation for his journey post-incarceration. Upon his release, Taylor entered a 6-month rehabilitation program, during which he discovered his innate value through providing life advice. This realization birthed The Coaching Masters, evolving from a mindset coaching venture into a 7-figure coach training academy spanning 47 countries.

Taylor’s story is one of resilience, personal growth, and the transformative power of taking responsibility. From overcoming addiction and mental health struggles to establishing a thriving online coaching business, he exemplifies the capacity to turn adversity into an asset. Currently residing in Bali, Taylor shares his story globally, emphasizing the importance of changing one’s identity, overcoming challenges, and shaping a fulfilling life and successful business through a positive perspective.

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