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Bank Holiday Protest Dublin With Malachy Steenson

Niall Boylan | February 6, 2024
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    Bank Holiday Protest Dublin With Malachy Steenson
    Niall Boylan

In this exclusive interview, Niall sits down with Malachy Steenson to delve into the recent Bank Holiday Protest that took place in Dublin on February 5th. Steenson provides firsthand insights into the event’s organization, attendance, and overall impact.

With an estimated 5 thousand attendees, the protest primarily focused on anti-mass immigration sentiments in Ireland. Despite the contentious nature of the topic, Steenson emphasizes that the protest remained peaceful and orderly throughout.

However, Steenson raises concerns about the mainstream media’s portrayal of the event. While the protest was deemed successful by participants, Steenson notes that media coverage largely ignored its achievements. Instead, the media chose to spotlight the arrest of 11 individuals from a separate protest, painting the entire event in a negative light.

Throughout the interview, Steenson sheds light on the discrepancies between the actual success of the protest and its portrayal in the media. He highlights the importance of accurate reporting and challenges the mainstream narrative surrounding such demonstrations.

Listeners gain valuable insights into the complexities of organizing and participating in protests, as well as the broader implications of media representation on public perception.


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