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Referendum Documents The State Didn’t Want You To See Before You Voted With Gary Kavanagh

admin | April 17, 2024


In this eye-opening episode, Niall engages in a riveting conversation with Gary Kavanagh from Gript Media, shedding light on documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. These documents reveal startling insights into the inner workings of the Department of Justice and their concerns regarding recent referendums.

Senior officials within the Department of Justice expressed grave reservations about proposed amendments to Article 41 of the Constitution, specifically concerning non-marital families. According to the documents uncovered by Gript, these officials feared that broadening the definition of family could have significant implications for the State’s ability to manage immigration effectively.

One email highlighted in the documents bluntly stated that expanding Article 41’s protection to a wider group of people could jeopardize the State’s capacity to regulate immigration. This revelation raises profound questions about the implications of proposed constitutional changes and their potential impact on governance and immigration policies.

Join Niall and Gary as they delve into the details of these documents, exploring the implications of the State’s actions and the broader implications for Irish society. This insightful discussion provides a unique perspective on the intersection of law, governance, and public policy.

To read the full story and explore the documents firsthand, visit Gript Media’s website:

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