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Reckless Immigration Policies In Ireland With Sharon Keogan

admin | February 15, 2024


Join Niall in this riveting interview with Independent Senator Sharon Keogan as they delve into the contentious issue of immigration policies in Ireland. Senator Keogan shares her candid views on what she perceives as reckless immigration practices and their potential impact on communities, particularly in areas like Drogheda.

Senator Keogan expresses her disappointment with the government’s handling of immigration, citing concerns about the proposed use of the D Hotel in Drogheda to accommodate up to 500 asylum seekers. She highlights the existing challenges faced by the town, including issues of criminal activity, unemployment, and underinvestment in essential services and regeneration programs. Senator Keogan argues that adding a large number of asylum seekers to an already struggling area could exacerbate these problems and negatively affect tourism.

Local politicians in Drogheda share their apprehensions about the government’s plans, with concerns raised about the potential impact on tourism and community cohesion. The decision to convert the D Hotel into a center for asylum seekers has sparked a debate about the long-term implications for the town’s economy and social fabric.

Additionally, Senator Keogan discusses her stance on an upcoming referendum and why she advocates for voting against it. She emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive approach to immigration policy that prioritizes the well-being and interests of local communities.

As the conversation unfolds, Niall and Senator Keogan delve deeper into the complexities of immigration policy, exploring the intersection of politics, social dynamics, and community concerns. Tune in to gain valuable insights into this critical issue shaping contemporary Ireland.

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